InReg launches SUTRACE

SUTRACE provides a cost effective solution for high quality financial specialised automated translations based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Translations are provided by a reputed business partner awarded by many prizes.

When do I need SUTRACE?

A new bill or a regulatory document is published by a local legislator or market supervisor. The document is not available yet in your work language but for compliance or strategic purposes, you need to understand what is about without waiting. SUTRACE is for you.

The automated translation is not sufficient, you may opt for a proof reading translation.

Why using SUTRACE?

 You will probably not be the only one needing this translation. We take care of finding other users of your translation reducing considerably the cost we will charge you, by up to 50% depending on the pooling factor.

Who is the service for ?

Compliance officers, product managers, risk managers, regulatory program managers or any other people that need urgently a translation at an effective price.

Interested to reduce your translation budget but not the quality ? contact us or call +352 621 508 255.

You could also benefit from our translation service for your financial documents that cannot be shared with other companies such as:

  • Prospectuses
  • Factsheets
  • IFRS annual reports
  • Marketing documents
  • Financial documents
  • Regulatory documents

For large volumes, contact us




Nadi Solutions collaborates with InReg to maintain compliance of their products

“We are proud to announce that Nadi Solutions has chosen InReg as its expert for regulatory watch.

This collaboration will enable Nadi Solutions to extend its service offer to its customers, offering the possibility of adapting its reporting application according to regulatory changes, well in advance to the deadlines imposed by the local authorities.

A great added value to an already well-designed and intuitive application dedicated to the reporting of the investment funds! “

Nadi Solutions


With nadi, producing all your fund documents is now simple. Our
web-based software is an innovative, easy-to-use tool which enables each fund
manager or administrator to autonomously manage the entire production of their
documents and regulatory reports of investment funds.

More information, contact Steve Verlinden:



InReg offers a
platform delivering notifications of regulatory changes, written in a pragmatic
and insightful way and focused on their implementation into the business. Users
may connect directly with their experts via online service. The service covers
a large scope of countries (inside and outside the E.U.) and different sectors
(investment funds, life insurance, pensions, …). The service delivery is
customisable according to the clients’ needs.

More information, contact