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Beside the content itself of the consideration of which bonds fall or not under the scope of the PRIIPs regulation, one can notice that in its new communication, the ESAs JC recommends the co-legislators to specify more precisely the scope of financial products impacted by PRIIPs and to focus on packaged or wrapped products rather

Last week, ESAs joint Committee published the transcript of the opening remarks of EIOPA’s Chairman Gabriel Bernardino delivered in Dublin last month. Concerning #PRIIPs he said:” we are currently in the process of carrying out a targeted review of the existing Level 2 regime, complemented by consumer testing and close engagement with external stakeholders. We

Last week, within 3 days, the Belgian financial supervisor FSMA fined a French Management Company for inconsistency in its investor documents and the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) published a Circular related to its observations on PRIIPs KID provided by Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) to the retail investors. FSMA noticed that the estimated return

The European Commission has today reported on the achievement of the Capital Market Union in preparation of the Council spring meeting next week. Not all the building block components have been finalised as illustrated below. Especially, the Commission urged the Council and the Parliament to reach an agreement on the ESAs review which constitutes an