High-Level Forum (HLF) on Capital Markets Union selected and ready to work

Following a call for expression of interest to join a High-Level Forum (HLF) on Capital Markets Union launched by the European Commission in last October, the list of the 28 candidates retained as Members of the Forum were announced yesterday 18th of November.

The aim of this High-Level Forum will consist in feeding into the work on the future CMU policies by proposing recommendations for further actions that will guaranty that European citizens and business have access equally and all over the European Union territory to capital markets.

28 candidates have been selected as members where several represent the asset management industry.

The High-Level Forum will start its work on 26 November 2019 as follows with 3 sub-groups:

  • the subgroup on Ecosystem for capital raising with special focus on SMEs will meet on 26 November
  • the subgroup on Retail investor participation and diversification of investor base will meet on 27 November
  • the subgroup on Pan-European market architecture will meet on 28 November

List of members of the High-Level Forum on capital markets union

Name Organisation
Maria Luis ALBUQUERQUE (sub-Chair) Independent expert
(formerly Portuguese
Minister of Finance)
Daiga AUZINA-MELALKSNE Nasdaq Baltic
Romana BELEN Global Board of Trustees of
Digital Future Society
Lorenzo BINI SMAGHI Société Générale
Stephane BOUJNAH Euronext
James CHEW Business Growth Fund
Edward COOK BlackRock
Vittorio GRILLI JP Morgan Italy
David HOWSON CBOE Europe
Ignacio IZQUIERDO Aviva Group
Petr KOBLIC Prague Stock Exchange,
Wiener Boerse, FESE
Katja LANGENBUCHER Goethe University Frankfurt
Stephan LEITHNER Deutsche Boerse
Eloy LINDEIJER PGGM Investment
Sylvie MATHERAT Independent expert
(formerly Deutsche Bank,
Banque de France)
Jean Pierre MUSTIER UniCredit
Sheila NICOLL Schroeders
Daniela PEEVA Bulgarian Corporate
Governance Committee,
Investor relations services
Guillaume PRACHE Better Finance
Peter PRAET (sub-Chair) Independent expert
(formerly ECB)
Alexander SCHINDLER Union Investment
Adam SZYSZKA Warsaw School of
Bruce THOMPSON Bank of America Meryl
Andreas TREICHL Erste Group Bank
Thomas WIESER (Chair) Independent expert
(formerly Chair of EWG and EFC)
David WRIGHT (sub-Chair) EUROFI, Flint Global

The second meeting of the 3 subgroups will take place on 10 December.

We will follow up regularly and inform you on its activities.